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FM WhatsApp

FM WhatsApp

FM WhatsApp Apk Download Latest Version V10.06 | New Updated June. 2024


Increase Limits

Intelligent automation

Privacy Enhancements

Exclusive Security Features

Efficient Chat Management

Boasting an array of remarkable features including advanced privacy configurations, adaptable themes, expanded file sharing thresholds, message scheduling, and beyond, FM WhatsApp provides you with an avenue to tailor your WhatsApp experience to unprecedented levels of customization. Consequently, it comes as no surprise that FM WhatsApp APK stands as a preeminent choice among WA Mods accessible online. The advent of the FM WhatsApp latest version 2024 has propelled its popularity to new heights, solidifying its status as an esteemed and sought-after application. To embark on an exploration of the FM WhatsApp 2024, kindly proceed with the instructions outlined below.

FM WhatsApp Apk Download 2024: An In-Depth Overview

App NameFM WhatsApp
Version LatestV10.06
File Size52.02 MB
Developer: Fouad Mods
Package Name:com.FmWhatsApp
Last UpdatedOne day ago

The essence and objective of FM WhatsApp are straightforward and devoid of ambiguity: it represents a modified, or MOD, iteration of the renowned messaging platform, WhatsApp. Its fundamental purpose aligns perfectly with that of the official WhatsApp Messenger – namely, facilitating the exchange of messages between users through one-on-one conversations or group interactions. However, FM WhatsApp Apk Download distinguishes itself as an application subject to modification by development team Fouad Mods, aimed at introducing novel functionalities and enhancing the overall user experience. Among the supplementary attributes accessible with FM WhatsApp are extensive graphical interface customization, the capacity to conceal one’s online presence, and the ability to transmit large files with ease.

FM WhatsApp APK Features: A World of Possibilities

Experience the future of messaging with FM WhatsApp Apk Download, where customization, privacy, security, and convenience converge to provide an unmatched messaging experience.


Elevate your messaging experience by customizing FM WhatsApp APK to your liking. Replace the standard green theme with a color of your choice from our extensive library. Add your own custom themes to the library, providing access to thousands of creative themes. Personalize the app’s icons by selecting new colors and icon graphics.

Privacy Enhancements

FM WhatsApp Download APK empowers you to take control of your privacy. Hide your last viewed status, blue ticks, and double ticks with ease. Deactivate video calling, a feature not available in the original app, for added privacy. Use App Lock to password-protect your apps, ensuring your data remains secure.

Exclusive Security Features

Your security is our priority. FM WhatsApp update offers a built-in app lock, an exclusive feature absent in the original app, enabling you to password-protect the entire application. Safeguard your conversations by adding a PIN to individual chats.

Increase Limits

FM WhatsApp latest version breaks barriers by allowing you to send messages to large groups of up to 500 people, a substantial increase compared to the original app’s limit of 250. Send up to 60 images to a single recipient, a feat not achievable in the original application. With FM WhatsApp, you can pin up to 100 chats, far surpassing the original app’s limit of 3.

Exploring FM WhatsApp V10.06: The Latest Features

In the FMWhatsApp V10.06, you’ll find:

1. Copy video subtitles to clipboard.

2. Control over saving media files to the gallery.

3. Redesigned Contacts UI.

4. Instant status view notifications.

5. Message count display.

6. Bulk message sharing with media.

7. Anti-Watch Once feature.

8. Instagram-style story addition.

9. Bug fixes and improvements.

These features elevate your messaging experience.

Exploring FM WhatsApp

FM WhatsApp 2024: Setting It Apart from WhatsApp

FM WhatsApp boasts a plethora of additional functionalities absent in the official version, effectively addressing various challenges encountered on WhatsApp. In the comprehensive table below, we meticulously scrutinize the similarities and distinctions between FM WhatsApp and the original WhatsApp, offering you an insightful perspective.

FeaturesFM WhatsApp 2024WhatsApp 2024
Streamlining Automation Features
Auto Reply
Mass Message Sender
Scheduled Messages
Enhancing Privacy & Security
Hide Double Ticks
Anti-Revoke Message
Save View Once Media
Elevating Status Functionality
Post Voice Status
Anti-Delete Status
Status Downloader
Unleashing Customization Options
Transparent Theme
Chat Bubble Styles
Icon Packs
Breaking Media File Size Barriers
Broadcasting Messages1024 Contacts256 Contacts
Maximum Video Status Duration5 Minutes30 Seconds
Video & Audio File Size1G16 MB
Efficient Chat Management
Group Admin Indicator
Group Management
Message Forwarding Options

FM WhatsApp Download and Install: Comprehensive Guide

FM WhatsApp new version stands as a modified rendition of the immensely popular WhatsApp messaging application, introducing an array of supplementary features and enhanced customization options. Here is the definitive guide on how to download and install FM WhatsApp:

FM WhatsApp Download-Back up Your Chat History

Step 1: Back up Your Chat History

Prior to making any alterations or installations, it is paramount to safeguard your existing WhatsApp chats by creating a backup. Preserving these conversations is of utmost importance. Follow these straightforward steps to perform a chat backup:

1. Open WhatsApp on your device.

2. Locate the ‘Settings’ option, typically depicted as three dots in the upper right-hand corner of the screen.

3. Upon finding it, select ‘Chat.’

4. Within the ‘Chat’ menu, identify the ‘Chat Backup’ or ‘Chat History’ option and select it.

5. Finally, click on the ‘Backup’ button. This action will generate a comprehensive backup of your chats, encompassing any shared photos or videos, and archive them on your device or in the cloud.

Step 2: Enable Unknown Sources

To facilitate the installation of FM WhatsApp APK, it is essential to enable the installation of apps from unknown sources on your Android device. Here is the procedure:

1. Access your device’s ‘Settings.’

2. Scroll down and choose ‘Security’ or ‘Privacy’ (specific options may vary depending on your device).

3. Locate the ‘Unknown Sources’ option and activate it, acknowledging the associated warning message. It is advisable to deactivate this option after FM WhatsApp installation.

FM WhatsApp APK Download-Enable Unknown Sources
FM WhatsApp Download-Download FM WhatsApp APK

Step 3: Download FM WhatsApp APK

Now, you must obtain the FM WhatsApp APK from a reputable source, such as Follow these steps:

1. Download FM WhatsApp APK by selecting the button provided below.

2. Opt for the FM WhatsApp latest version and initiate the download by clicking on the designated link.

3. Once the download concludes, locate the APK file within your device’s ‘Downloads’ folder or the location where your browser stored the file.

Step 4: Installation

With the FM WhatsApp APK download, you can proceed with the installation process. Here’s how:

1. Launch your device’s ‘File Manager’ or a comparable application.

2. Navigate to the folder housing the downloaded FM WhatsApp APK.

3. Click on the APK file to commence the installation procedure.

4. You may encounter a prompt requesting permission to install the app; proceed by selecting ‘Install.’

5. The installation may take a moment to complete.

6. Upon installation finalization, you can select ‘Open’ to launch FM WhatsApp.”

FM WhatsApp APK Download -Download FM WhatsApp APK-Installation

Embrace the enhanced messaging experience offered by FM WhatsApp, where additional features and customization options await your exploration. Displayed below are handpicked screenshots from FM WhatsApp latest version, offering a more comprehensive understanding of its installation procedure.

Keeping FM WhatsApp Update: Your Guide

Ensuring that FM WhatsApp remains up-to-date is essential to unlock its full potential. Here’s an official guide on how to update FM WhatsApp, enabling users to access exciting new features and enhancements:

Step 1: Stay Informed

Stay updated by visiting the official website,, regularly to check for the latest FM WhatsApp updates.

Step 2: FM WhatsApp Update Download

If an update is available, download the most recent version using the provided FM WhatsApp download link.

Step 3: Installation Process

Follow the comprehensive FM WhatsApp download and installation steps as outlined earlier in this guide.

Step 4: Verification

Upon successful installation, open FM WhatsApp update. The application will prompt you to verify your phone number. Enter your phone number and follow the verification process diligently.

Step 5: Explore Enhanced Features

With the latest update installed, you’ve successfully unlocked an array of new features, themes, and customization options. Delve into these enhancements to experience the latest offerings that FM WhatsApp provides. Now, you can fully immerse yourself in the latest charm and functionalities of FM WhatsApp’s most recent update.

Why Opt for FM WhatsApp Latest Version?

Selecting the FM WhatsApp latest version is the ideal decision for those seeking an enhanced chat experience, fortified security measures, and an extensive array of customization possibilities. Positioned at the pinnacle of WhatsApp alternatives, FM WhatsApp new version continues to reign supreme among discerning users.

With the latest release, you gain access to a wealth of features that elevate your messaging encounters to new heights. These additions provide a level of control and personalization that surpasses the standard WhatsApp experience. The result is a more tailored and versatile platform for your communication needs.

Incorporate FM WhatsApp update into your digital repertoire to enjoy comprehensive communication tools at your fingertips. Delight in an array of functionalities designed to amplify your interactions, fortify your privacy, and align your messaging experience with your unique preferences.

Make the prudent choice of adopting the latest FM WhatsApp, and empower yourself with a cutting-edge messaging solution that offers not just features but an unparalleled degree of command over your conversations. Elevate your chat experience and discover the potential of a truly personalized messaging platform.

Your Queries Answered: FM WhatsApp FAQ

Is FM WhatsApp safe?

Indeed, FM WhatsApp acquired from this website is highly secure.

Is it possible to simultaneously use FM WhatsApp and WhatsApp on a single device?

Absolutely, yes, you can employ both applications concurrently.

Is FM WhatsApp free?

Yes, FM WhatsApp is entirely free of charge. If you come across any version of FM WhatsApp that demands payment, we strongly advise uninstalling it immediately.

What Are the Advantages of FM WhatsApp APK Download?

Dual WhatsApp Accounts: Simultaneously use two WhatsApp accounts on a single device.

Theme Customization: Personalize the appearance of WhatsApp with customizable themes.

Efficient Messaging: No need to save contacts to send messages.

Expanded Group Messaging: Send messages to up to 500 recipients, surpassing the regular version’s 250-person limit.

What Causes FM WhatsApp Latest Version to Slow Down?

FM WhatsApp may exhibit sluggish performance on devices with limited storage and available RAM. This slowdown occurs because FM WhatsApp relies on dedicated hardware resources, such as your phone’s RAM and storage, for optimal functionality.

Is FM WhatsApp similar to GB WhatsApp?

FM WhatsApp distinguishes itself from GB WhatsApp through its unique customization options. Moreover, it provides comprehensive control over the appearance of your app in the eyes of other users. But they are similar in basic functionality.

What Is the Minimum Android Version Required for FM WhatsApp Apk Installation?

For the installation and use of FM WhatsApp on your device, you must have Android version 4.4 or higher.

What is the latest version for FM WhatsApp?

The FM WhatsApp latest version is FM WhatsApp APK Download V10.06

App NameFM WhatsApp V10.06
File Size52.02 MB
DeveloperFouad Mods
Android Version Required4.4 or higher
Last UpdatedOne day ago

How to hide the blue ticks on FM WhatsApp latest version?

To deactivate read receipts (the blue ticks) on the FM WhatsApp latest version, please follow these steps:

1. Launch FM WhatsApp on your device.

2. Access the “Settings” section, typically found by tapping the three vertical dots in the upper right corner.

3. Navigate to “Privacy.”

4. Locate and uncheck the “Read Receipts” option.

By following these instructions, you can ensure your read receipts remain hidden, providing you with enhanced privacy in your messaging interactions.

How to protect my FM WhatsApp with App Lock?

You no longer require third-party app locks; FM WhatsApp offers a robust in-built app lock solution.

Is Device Rooting Required for FM WhatsApp New Version Usage?

No, FM WhatsApp new version is a highly secure application, and it does not require device rooting. Your device’s security remains intact.

Is FM WhatsApp End-to-End Encrypted?

Indeed, FM WhatsApp rigorously upholds end-to-end encryption, reaffirming its unwavering commitment to user privacy. While boasting a plethora of features not present in the standard WhatsApp application, it is essential to underscore that FM WhatsApp remains steadfast in its dedication to maintaining the highest standards of encryption to safeguard user communications.

FM WhatsApp Is Legal or Illegal?

FM WhatsApp is absolutely legal. It has a dedicated maintenance team – Fouad Mods, and a legitimate update platform – this website.


At, we are dedicated to providing you with the ultimate experience of the famous mod of WhatsApp— As a leading platform, we offer a convenient download link for latest version on our website. By bookmarking our site, you can easily access future updates of at any time.

If you have any feedback or inquiries, please don’t hesitate to reach out to us by using the Contact Us option or following our social media channels.


This comprehensive guide has provided you with valuable insights into FM WhatsApp Download. If you find yourself facing the constraints of the standard WhatsApp and yearning for a more enriched messaging experience, look no further than the FM WhatsApp new version. By downloading and seamlessly installing this cutting-edge version, you open the door to a world of extended features and enhanced functionality that is bound to leave you pleasantly surprised.

FM WhatsApp Apk Download not only addresses the limitations of its predecessor but also introduces innovative attributes that cater to the diverse needs and preferences of modern users. Whether it’s heightened customization options, advanced privacy controls, or the ability to enjoy seamless communication with larger groups, FM WhatsApp offers a comprehensive solution.

So, take the step towards a more enriched messaging experience today. Download and install FM WhatsApp latest version to unlock a multitude of features that transcend the boundaries of traditional messaging apps. Embrace the future of communication and embark on a journey of delightful surprises that await within FM WhatsApp.

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